Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Now is the time.

Needs are great, but your possibilities are greater."
-- Bill Blackman


Just to let you know I have been out of town and did not have access to my computer and blog.

I do apologize! A family member became very ill and I had to be out of town to take care of the situation and help deal with many other family challenges. I am back now and so happy to be home to enjoy summer time here on the Gulf coast! The weather is a bit hot, but it is lovely to be in the sunshine and feel the sea breeze again! I so missed my sleepy little town and all of the gulf coast beauty.

I hope that you are well and you are enjoying the summertime. I hope that you are enjoying family picnics, swimming, and watching some beautiful sunsets with a nice beverage.

Now is the time to enjoy life......find some time each day to just watch the sun set, or get up a few minutes early and see God's creation come alive with brilliant colors and the watch the dew drops on the grass disappear.

Whatever makes you happy...take time TODAY to do it.

Do not put it are worth a few minutes each day to feel your spirit come alive with joy by just taking a few minutes to breath in and breathe out.

Be happy, be well, BE now!

Many blessings!


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