Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good Morning Friends,
Today I am going to share with you some ideas about living a more passionate life.
I think it is important to first learn the STOP Signs to moving forward...
I feel there are Three things that prevent anyone from living a passionate life:
False Beliefs -
False Concepts -
False Ideas
To begin moving and growing into that passionate life, think about one of the tools I am giving you today......
Take a piece of paper or your journal and make three headings!
False Beliefs, False Concepts, False Ideas.
Now close your eyes and think about your beliefs about life....what are they?
Are they positive or maybe not really honest as this is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY!
Then take the last two phrases and work with them.
After some EXCAVATING, the first step on the journey, take some time to read what you wrote. If you need some fresh insight or support, I am here to read your blog...or give me a call.
Many blessings on the road to an abundant life!
My blessing for you this day is:
May my day be filled with new thoughts and insights that will help me to unearth the things that have been holding be back from living my best life!
I am open and receptive to new ways and ideas with love and gratitude!
And so it is.....
Live your best life NOW!

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