Friday, July 30, 2010

God's masterpiece~Destin Beach'10
Good Friday Morning Friends!
I hope that this day brings you nice ending to your work week and a open door for a weekend full of fun. This week has been full of quiet insights and internal changes for me. I am beginning to see the light of a new dawn and the settling of raw emotions taking on healing.
We are now in a time of great external earth changes....earthquakes, oil spills, hot weather, as well as, internal changes..... letting go old stuff we no longer need in life, friends, personal items, etc and thoughts we held dear of what we believed to be true till the end of time. We are now realizing... what was once safe and predictable has now shifted and things do not appear as they once did! For me, that is a good thing. I like change, I welcome it....even if it initially hurts and makes me feel uncomfortable. I know it is good for my growth. I may moan and groan, but ultimately, I am grateful to have an opportunity to move forward and take different road, to see new terrian, and nature at it's finest. If I would stay just where I am, I may miss something really accept letting go of the old and moving onto a new path....
Today, I want to leave you with this message from Rev. Angela. It is what I now know for sure.... I hope your soul can hear the sounds of new beginnings in your life and know that we are not meant to suffer, but enjoy life with all of it's beauty and luster!
Have a great weekend.....
Be Happy! Be Well! Live, Laugh, and LOVE daily!
"I will no longer live my life halfbaked!"

"I was not created to suffer, to learn lessons, to improve myself, or to somehow 'get better'.
I was created by the Universe to create a life that contains...whatever I choose.
Because the laws of the Universe operate upon what I truly believe,
if I believe that I must suffer to experience a life of spiritual connection,
I receive suffering in abundance.
If I believe that I'm here to learn something I didn't pick up the first time around,
life brings me many learning opportunities until I learn by choice or by force.
In precisely the same manner, if I believe that I am here to give and receive love without limit, abundance without end, and joy without boundaries, that is what I receive.
I pay close attention to the subtleties of my mind and my heart.
I notice when I'm believing in less than a perfect universe operating perfectly.
I see clearly each instance in which I act upon the belief that Life is finite, lacking intelligence, or capricious...AND CHANGE MY MIND.
I do this by using my innate and inherent spiritual power to guide my beliefs to the Truth.
Anything in me that is out of alignment with the greater expression of Truth
for me is now obliterated by means of this treatment.
I'm no longer willing to live life halfway. I trust in the infinite promise of Spirit,
that I may have life and have it more abundantly. "
And so it is.....
Daily see your life full of abundance and love!
Blessings to you and yours,

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