Sunday, October 3, 2010

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have a beautiful autumn dear friends

Good Morning Dear Friends,
How are you?
It has been some time since I blogged! Wow, I have missed it. Life has been very busy with planning and doing retreats, workshops and personal trips to be with family and friends.
Fall is now upon us and it is time to harvest the wheat.....harvest all of the new thoughts, ideas, and experiencse that we planted last spring in our garden of life. It is time to stop and take a few minutes to listen to our heart and soul and see what we have manifested in the past months.
You may say.....well...nothing has all seems the same or it may even be worse, but the truth is....there has been some changes and there has been some new things that have come your way, you just may not have been paying attention, today, sit back in your comfy chair and harvest your "goods."
Wishing much love on the journey of life....write me and keep me posted on all of the changes in your life!
Love, light, and many blessings, darlene

The Morning Blessing:
"Today I refuse to listen to the sqawking of the world that makes no sense.
I know that within me are all of the answers I need to move forward.
I take time to listen to my soul and allow It to speak to me.
I accept this information with love and allow blessings to just come to me.
I have planted a beautiful garden in my life and I am now ready to enjoy all of my harvest.
I give thanks and let my new thoughts/harvest renew, refresh,
and fill with eternal love and light.
And so it is....