Sunday, July 25, 2010

The beginning of the end. Grand Canyon 2010
"Before we can forgive one another, we must understand one another."
-- Emma Goldman
I am willing to forgive and understand that all of this situation is in perfect Divine Order.
I am willing to SEE the true picture of my own creation and allow myself to accept, forgive, and let go of old thoughts and laugage in order to live my best life now!
I am ready to be happy and know I am never really alone! dmj'10

Good Morning Friends,

Mmmm. This quote opens my soul to new levels of understanding and to my knees. In the past weeks I have been working hard to find in my heart to forgive not only others that have hurt and abandon me, but also to let go of all of the events that led to my loss. It has been a long, hard challenge, and actually doing what I teach....radical forgiveness...not only the talk therapy, but, also all of the worksheets I give out, have helped me tremendously on the road to healing and renewal of the mind, body, and spirit. As I have been mo oping around and feeling sorry for my loss of friendship and sisterhood, I have also learned that thru deep soul searching that I created just what I needed to learn, grow, and mature into a new spiritual being. The dark of the night and all of the non-stop chatter about: being not good enough, I am alone, no one likes me, I did it all wrong, I said it all wrong, I will never have the strong bonds of sisterhood's over..... what was I thinking or not.......all those negative ideas sent me into a downward spiral. I felt alone, lost, and abandon. I sat with all of it for awhile. I meditated, I journal ed, and I cried bucket of tears!!!!! Why oh could this all happen? I worked so hard, I was get the point!!!!!!! On and on and on...........

Then during the night, I was awakened my a loud voice that said ....."Are you going to get swallowed up in your grief or are you going to listen to what you tell your clients and let go of the nonsense?" Are you ready for a new adventure? Are you willing to SEE the real truth of the matter? Are you ready to lay a new foundation and feel alive and whole in mind, body, and spirit again? In this dream state or whatever it was......I thought I was awake...but who knows, I just was in the moment and I could feel the hand of God on my shoulder, my angels all around me sending me light and love and I felt the embrace of the Holy Spirit. I felt loved! I was not abandoned. I was not and am not alone! I felt peace for the first time in weeks! I could breathe again fully and deeply! I then saw myself full of light and said yes to change, yes to a new beginning, yes to letting go of all of the 'Stuff" that kept me stuck and disabled to move forward. In the following moments I felt myself ready to SEE the real picture. I saw exactly what I needed to learn about my soul path. I saw a beautiful light of hope and adventure ahead. I knew that I had learned and worked what I came to this Universe to do. I was truly at peace with my decisions and ready to set new intentions for my life. This morning I awoke with a new truth and ready to enjoy a brand new day!

So, as you can see even if you are a healer, a spiritual life coach, a counselor, you will and do find blocks and huge boulders on the path......if not, you would not be human....we are as they say, spiritual beings on this earth with a body to have a human experience ...and that can be with the good, the bad, and the ugly! I hope from my sharing all of has helped you understand more of what is going on in your life. If you need some inspiration, guidance or support on the journey of life, please blog....I am always open to new ideas, thoughts, and most willing to help you in any way possible!

Many blessings for a most wonderful day!


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