Monday, June 13, 2011

Sedona Tours

Good Morning,
A new week as begun and I wish you many blessings and much love!
I hope that this will be a wonderful week with many new opportunities!
I see that many of you are traveling to new countries and visiting friends in other states. Please have safe travels and know that I am with you in spirit. As you know, I love traveling! I just returned from Europe where I spent 10 days cruising the Mediterranean~ Croatia, Greece, Turkey, and Italy! Then spent a week in Rome visiting all of the famous tourist spots, as well as full filling two things on my bucket list: an audience with the Pope and visiting Assisi!!!!!! I feel so blessed and I know that my life has changed because I was able to attain these two dreams in life. The Pope was within inches of me and I felt his Holy Presence and took in his special blessings for me and my many friends. I felt humbled to be there on that special June1 day. I will never forget the strong feelings and emotions I felt. Amazing! I know that my life will move in ease now and that all will come in perfect time and space. As for Assisi.....I love St.Francis and I have a huge statue in my yard in my meditation garden. I sit with"him" often in spirit and know that he opens my heart to pure love and being of, to be there in that little town high up on the hill, I felt him touch me in spirit and told me to help others on the journey of life. He told me in my meditation there to be open and share the information that I have held close to the vest. And so my mission is now to help others more than ever. I feel a strong pull to let go of my needs and truly more of service!
All, in all, it was a most amazing trip! The weather was perfect, all the tours perfect, the people lovely, and the food excellent.....especially, gelato!

Now, time to plan my trip to Sedona, Az. Many people have signed up for the tour...thank you so very much. I most honored to share the many sights, information and spirit of the most beautiful sacred place in the USA! People from around the world travel to this distination to see the beautiful red rock, to experience the vibration, but more importantly, to feel the essence of who and what they are. It is said that whatever "emotion" you take to Sedona, will explode and expand. So, if you are traveling there, please, go with an open heart or at least be willing to meet with a coach, counselor, or spirit guide that will led you in a more positive direction and help you dissolve whatever you have been holding on to. If you need those kinds of services, please let me know as I have all of those credentials I have been working with people and their "challenges" for over 35 years... I know that makes me OLD! Oh well...I like to think I have more wisdom and knowledge. I honor my age! Anyhow, back to business......Sedona is going to be a wonderful opportunity for you, if you are attending Mary Jo's Retreat, you will lots of personal information, get centered, feel more joy, and rested and relaxed. It is going to be a most joyous time.....
I invite you to check out Mary Jo McCabe's website and sign up for this retreat. You will not be disappointed! You gain a great deal information and peace!
Looking forward to seeing YOU!

Many blessings and much love, darlene
If you need information on the retreat or a personal session with me, contact me at or 850-218-2635

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