Thursday, June 16, 2011

More on Sedona for upcoming trip

Good Morning,
I hope you were able to view the full moon last evening. Here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, it was spectacular! I was able to sit for some time and meditate. Amazing!
Anyhow, this morning we had a light shower to clear the air and refresh ourselves as it has been hot and balmy for the past few days.

To continue on with ideas and thougths about the upcoming Sedona trip, I would like to mention that those folks that would love to take a little tour of Sedona areas, but not necessarily go to vortexes, please sign up. As I understand, many of the participants going on the retreat are going to hear the "Guides" and just enjoy Sedona's natural beauty without getting into any metaphysical stuff.....I will certainly tour with you and give the general information without all of the extra stuff....just let me know. I can work it any way that is comfortable for you.
Remember...I am there for YOU......I can tell you any information that you would like.

I has spend a great deal of time in Sedona, I know many people, have been on a myriad of tours and have hiked miles and miles with family, local friends, and with all of the retreats that I host there during the year. So, please just ask. Of course, there are many, many folks that live in the area and you may feel more comfortable with a local. I do understand! Whatever you choose, I hope that you will take a tour and enjoy all that Sedona has to offer! There is so much to do and see without the metaphysical!
While there in Sedona, I hope you will head out to Slide Rock and do some swimming or walking on the rocks. It is refreshing and a nice place to have a picnic out in nature. It is just up the hill on 89A. You can then go up further on 89A and at the top before Flagstaff, stop at the rest stop on the right hand side and enjoy and buy some beautiful Native American jewelry. I always buy some great things from there. Always a great place to buy things to take home to friends.

Another really fun thing to do is sign up for a balloon ride. amazing to see Sedona early morning...breathtaking and so quiet!!!!!
One last thing......about eating in Sedona.....there is plenty of great food. Let me know what you like and I will be glad to give you some ideas on places to eat. I personally love the Wildflower at the Hyatt for a quick lunch......and great take out. Also the locals love the "CoffeePot" resturant on 89A, but go early, as the parking and theplace fill fast!!!!

More tomorrow.
Many blessings and looking forward to a most awesome Sedona trip!
See you there!
I believe there are still some spaces left if you would like to join us.
Go to Mary Jo McCabe's website and read all about it!
love ya,

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