Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"This bright, new day...
Complete with 24 hours of opportunities, choices, and attitudes…
a perfectly matched set of 1440 minutes.
This unique gift, this one day, cannot be exchanged, replaced or refunded.
Handle with care.
Make the most of it.
There is only one to a customer."

Author Unknown


Good Morning Dear Friends,
Today, I opened my eyes to the breaking of a new day full of God's glory.
The light of the sun was sneaking from behind the clouds inviting me to have a day full of beauty and blessings. It was at that moment, I went within to feel the energy, do a meditation, and say a prayer of gratitude. I share it now with you.
I hope you enjoy!

Meditation and Prayer:
Please find a place to sit comfortably.
Quiet your mind of all thoughts.
Imagine the beautiful light of the sun coming into your forehead.
Breathe in the breath of life. Exhale-release, relax, and let go.
Imagine the waves of the ocean flowing onto the ocean shore on the inhale.
Imagine the waves of the ocean going back out into the sea on the exhale.
Be in perfect peace and harmony as you hold the beautiful divine light within you.
Just sit and enjoy this time of complete peace and harmony....if a thought rolls in, let it roll out, gently!
Feel love and healing energy coming to you from a Divine Source (God)
Accept this precious is yours for free.....
Just breathe in , breathe out.....

If you have some more time...send healing thoughts out to others and to the world.

Again, Quiet your mind of all thoughts.
From this sacred place within you send your blessings, your love and your light to everyone that you love and care about.
May the love and light of God shine through their hearts and souls.
May each and every being that you meet today, tomorrow and everyday be blessed.
If you would like call upon your angels, that love you, care about you, and guide you.
Imagine we are all in an amazing circle of light all over the world right now emanating divine love to all of the world.
Thank you for sharing this meditation.
May it bring you peace, joy, and love!

Feel peace and joy as you about your new day!

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